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Applied Science

Applied Science

Applied Science

Applied science is where the rubber meets the road. Although we are passionate about the amazing discoveries and history of all scientific disciplines, we thrive on the application of knowledge and the process by which people create solutions to solve a problem. We’ll often say, “Repetition is the key to learning.” Many great discoveries were the result of repetition; a constant cycle of observation, application, and optimization until the point of discovery. Applied science is where observed knowledge meets the real world. It’s the place where people make it happen every day and where world changing inventions come to life. It’s where knowledge from all of the sciences is applied! And, the process in which these sciences are applied is what we call learning-by-doing which makes for some pretty cool science experiments. The core fundamentals we will focus on in this section are:

  • Defining and Delimiting an Engineering Problem
  • Developing Possible Solutions
  • Optimizing the Design Solution

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About Us

About Cool Science Experiments

We believe that learning by doing is the way to go! That's what Cool Science Experiments is all about: Hands on learning that lasts a life time.

Cool Science Experiments is family owned, which means we get to play by our own rules and focus on our customers. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please Contact us.


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